Crypto Tycoon is a play-to-earn blockchain board game hosted on the Ethereum network. It begins with game-ifying our NFT collection and Incentivizing holders to interact in a social game setting like the last phase of Monopoly, then we move to the metaverse for a VR-chat social game live on the blockchain.

Connect With Other Holders

Collect & Earn Through Events

Each property unlocks access to our exclusive earning channels and expanding boardgame economy.

Every week random holders all over CryptoTown will be included in our play-to-earn events for prizes and airdrops!

Lloydy Bought Property
In Ape Abbey

Holds 3 Properties In Ape Abbey

Sam Bought Property
In Satoshi Square

Holds 3 Properties In Satoshi Square

George Bought Property
In Hodlwood Hills

Holds 11 Properties In Hodlwood Hills

X-Ray Bought Property
In Ether Ends

Holds 2 Properties In Ether Ends

SOAPS Bought Property
In Silk Road

Holds 8 Properties In Silk Road

Razergx Bought Property
In Musk Place

Holds 5 Properties In Musk Place

ICON Bought Property
In CryptoTown Grounds

Holds 16 Properties In CryptoTown Grounds

Matt_ Bought Property
In Hodlwood Hills

Holds 4 Properties In Hodlwood Hills

Billy Bought Property
In Chinatown

Holds 7 Properties In Chinatown

LTSana Bought Property
In Bear Valley

Holds 13 Properties In Bear Valley

Consolidate To Become A Crypto Tycoon

Once a neighborhood set is fully collected and wallet-verified, we will unlock the option to burn and remove it from game totation and pay you out from our community treasury (Funded completely by secondary market trades)

The CryptoTown Economy

Collect a monopoly to earn a direct cut of the treasury and join the hall of fame

Weekly chance events yield random property holders free airdrops, NFTs and more

Earn $RENT token when the VR-chat metaverse launches in v2.0

Mint Info

Web 3.0: Own Your Boardgame Membership

The CryptoTown Passport will serve as your immutable on-chain membership to the web3 boardgame platform, DAO, our metaverse for live VR-chat social gameplay, IRL boardgame cafe charity events and your reservation for a CryptoTown property

Mint a membership for

0.1 ETH

Mint Date


Each CryptoTown Passport is a genesis token to the ecosystem and game launch
Once total supply is minted, each passport holder will get one random property at launch

Roadmap 2022

The Membership Mint

1,000 genesis CryptoTown Passport memberships, available to mint on the Ethereum blockchain. A verifiable golden ticket to the Crypto Tycoon social game airdrop.

Game Begins

Total supply is minted, every CryptoTown Passport holder has a seat in the social game and gets exclusivity to the Crypto Tycoon airdrop. Full reveal of CryptoTown properties and blockchain leaderboards.

P2E Chance Events

As the game is being played, the community will be alerted of chance events across the city for holders to earn. Meanwhile, development begins on the CryptoTown metaverse and $RENT token!

The $RENT Tokenonics

Coming soon in the version 2.0 update! (in-game utility to be announced!)


1% of trade royalties will go to charity initiatives for the homeless and foreclosure assistance across North America for the lifetime of our game.

Meet The Team

Sam Mikhael


Quirina Adriana

Marketing Manager

Lena Grundhoefer

Marketing Advisor

Harsimarjit Singh

Art Director

James Turner
(Hi, I'm James)

Community Advisor

Tohami Ben

Lead Developer


What is Crypto Tycoon?

Crypto Tycoon is a play-to-earn blockchain boardgame inspired by Monopoly on the Ethereum blockchain. We're adding game rules to an NFT collection and aiming to give the community a metaverse-boardgame experience unlike any other. The game begins as a classic "trading card" swap where players try to grow their collection and strategically barter for a monopoly set similar to the last phase of Monopoly. Meanwhile every week certain players in specific neighborhoods will earn exclusive prizes and airdrops through CryptoTown events announced through our member's only channels. We have planned over 100+ chance events depending on the length of the game. Random players across random neighborhoods will be winners in random boardgame style events until our planned upcoming CryptoTown metaverse and $RENT token.

What are CryptoTown Passports?

The CryptoTown Passport will serve as your immutable on-chain membership to the web3 boardgame social club, an upcoming CryptoTown metaverse for VR-chat social gameplay, IRL boardgame cafe charity events, and genesis access token to future blockchain boardgames and our future DAO/$RENT token. When every passport is minted, every seat to the table is filled and each membership will reserve you one random CryptoTown property, officially starting the game for everyone. Your membership will allow you into the ecosystem (and eventually DAO governance) while your properties are your verifiable access token to the play-to-earn earning channels.

Where do I play Crypto Tycoon?

The collection and bidding will be hosted on the Official OpenSea NFT Marketplace, where players will be able to view, buy or sell properties in the neighborhood collection of their choice. Our member's only channels will require wallet verification to enter areas such as traderooms and social events for players to connect and talk to their neighbors. Until the game is fully realized in version 2.0 with our metaverse and token launch, CryptoTown is the players themselves and lives with the NFT collection on the blockchain.

What are "CryptoTown Events"?

A community event or economic phenomena involving unpredictable market occurrences beyond expectation. They represent periodic community chance events that shift the Crypto Tycoon economy at any moment. Over 100+ random chance events known as CryptoTown Events will be announced through our Official Discord Servers as the game is live. They're strictly positive effects on players, providing players an opportunity to earn exclusive rewards from us when crisis affects your neighborhood. Players in affected event neighborhoods will be paid out relief airdrop prizes directly from the community treasury. The more you own, the closer you are to monopoly AND being included in chance events.

What is the mint price?

Mints will be offered at a price of 0.10 ETH (A limit of one mint per public and whitelist wallet. Two mints per OG wallet.)

Why can I only mint one membership per wallet?

To both deter scalpers/flippers from collecting neighborhoods too quickly at the the start and to create a fair playing field for all players. We placed a cap on minting just ONE NFT per wallet to ensure strategic trading and introduce more players into the social game at the start. More competition means less consolidation, for the best possible blockchain boardgame experience. OG wallets will be allowed two mints per whitelist wallet as a form of fair advantage to our early adopters.

How do I gain entry onto the OG list?

Visit our whitelist verification channel to learn more about our OG's known as CryptoTown Baron. We wanted to give a fair playing field for players while still rewarding early adopters. OGs will be able to kickstart the economy and open up some early strategy.

Why are some pieces more valuable than others?

Ultimately while criteria such as scarcity determines value in the collection, it's up to the players to set a value to their property. If one feels their property is worth X$ amount of money, the CryptoTown Free Market might not value it the same in another player's eyes. Whether it's because of market timing, quadrant location, zoning types, or any multitude of reasons for assigning value to their NFT, the free market decides!

Why is the royalty on every trade worth 10%?

The Crypto Tycoon team collects and divides the royalties received from every trade in the game. What makes our project so special is that we split and share our royalties evenly with the community, using 3.25% to fund the CryptoTown Treasury and 3.25% going towards the team. The standard fee for our collection to operate on the NFT Opensea Marketplace is 2.5%. Meanwhile we felt that a 1% of our royalty should go towards our Play-To-Give initiative going towards homelessness and foreclosure assistance across North America. Simply trading and playing the game will automatically fund supporting those less fortunate and it's just the beginning!

What happens if i collect a full neighborhood set?

A consolidated neighborhood set, once fully collected and wallet-verified, will unlock the option to burn and remove the set from game rotation and pay you out from our community treasury (funded completely by secondary market trades). When you chose to burn the boardgame tokens, you win an Ethereum bounty depending on the quadrant class directly from the treasury and you join our hall of fame.

What if someone never sells their set?

Our bounty system incentivizes collecting more than holding. The longer the game goes on, the longer the the fund reward grows. As a result, competition grows and your chances of success decrease across every neighborhood set. Every players willingness to sell level is different. As the project rides market cycles, we believe every player will achieve a willingness to sell level once their property reaches a certain value. Furthermore there will be enough incentives built we believe in our ecosystem to reward players who hold as well as collect. Much like traditional boardgame meta, it's just finding out what that other player's needs are and striking a deal.

What happens when every neighborhood is collected?

A consolidated neighborhood set, once fully collected and wallet-verified, will unlock the option to burn and remove the set from game rotation and pay you out from our community treasury (funded completely by secondary market trades). Once the social game is over and until the game is fully consolidated, the next phase begins but until then...enjoy the ride!